Life Through My Art

I am an American architect and artist from Skaneateles, New York. I grew up with five sisters and two brothers in Syracuse, New York where some of my extended family still live today. As far back as I can remember I had a pencil in hand and spent hours sketching. I have created art throughout my entire life which, in a way, tells the story of my life.

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My parents moved us from the suburbs out to the country, when I was ten years old. Our country home was a Greek revival built in 1835. Its architecture of eight fluted columns on the exterior, grand stairwell upon entry, high cathedral ceilings, wood plank flooring throughout and its grand library were some of the many attributes within Greek architecture that we know of today. I believe that this home was a tremendous influence for my passion to become an architect later on in my life.

I went on to college in upstate New York for business, graduated, married and moved to Iowa. That was the beginning of our many travels in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. My husband and I have lived and travelled the world together for thirty years and have raised four beautiful children along our journey.

I attended Syracuse University School of Architecture, in my early thirty’s and shortly after completion, relocated to Wilmslow, England for two years. While living abroad, I practiced with a local architecture firm designing educational and recreational facilities. One of my fondest projects was a restaurant located on the English Channel.

Approximately ten years later we moved over to Bonn, Germany for two years. While living there I worked for a local university, learned the language and traveled with my husband throughout Europe.

I have practiced architecture for twenty two years designing healthcare, educational and retail facilities. During my professional career I have also continued to create the many paintings you will experience on my web site.

I have had many commissioned pieces, that are located around the world. I have created still lives, family portraits, animal portraits, landscapes, family homes and clients’ most treasured photos, all in oil, acrylic, pen & ink, pencil and watercolor or a combination of each.

The many samples of my artwork are available to you in print format. Also I would be glad to create a painting from one of your photos. Just send it my way and we can discuss the size and medium of your choice. Please view the “Photo to Painting” section of my home page.

My husband and I continue to travel and currently live back in Skaneateles area.

I hope you enjoy the slide show of my life through my art.


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