European Gallery

In 1996 our family moved over to Wilmslow, England for three years. While we lived in the heart of the country we traveled throughout England and into Scotland, Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Turkey and India. 

For the last year and a half I practiced architecture with an exciting firm outside of Liverpool, England. It was an amazing experience to learn the British Codes, Rules and Regulations while working within United Kingdom. My work included a diversified portfolio and the firm was one I will never forget! You can see a few of my projects below.

In 2008 my husband and I returned to Europe and lived in Germany, where we settled for two years. We traveled every weekend to make sure that we experienced even more of the many different cultures that surrounded us. We traveled to Lisbon, Portugal, Barcelona & Mallorca Spain. Venice, Madrid, Cinque Terre in Italy. Luxor Egypt, Paris, Reims, Cannes, Mont St Michele all in France. Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, London, Cambridge England. Warsaw, Poland, even managed to get a visa to enter St Petersburg, Russia.  If you go to my expat adventures blog, you can enjoy the many places that we visited while living in another European country.

Our experiences were so unique and to have actually lived in two different cultures was absolutely amazing. We truly enjoyed each and every adventure.  Below you will find some of my paintings I had created while over in Europe. Today I continue to create from the many photos that we had taken during both of our stays abroad.